Water Treatment

Clean Water’s NYSDEC permitted water treatment system can process 250 gallons per minute, giving it the ability to handle projects both large and small. Our approval process is simple and quick, allowing us to get jobs started and finished quickly. The facility's approximately 5 million gallons of storage allows it to accept material via barge, truck or nearby rail.

Oil Processing and Recycling

The facility can accept a wide range of oils, including lube and other automotive oils, fuel oils and most other petroleum-based oils. Market driven prices are paid for both used and virgin streams. Oils can be received by barge, truck, drum or near by rail. The oils are blended and processed for industrial reuse.

Transportation Services

Clean Water owns and operates a fleet of vacuum tankers, pump and box trucks. All vehicles are permitted to operate in NY, NJ, PA, CT, NH, DE, MD & VA and can haul both Non-Hazardous & Hazardous waste materials. Our fleet enables us to provide value added services for efficient removal of liquid products and various impacted waste streams.

Drum Disposal

Petroleum contaminated liquids, solids, sludges and debris are accepted into the facility. Liquids are treated in the facility and solids are consolidated and sent off site for final disposal.