Marine Services

Tank Cleaning & Vacuum Services

Clean Water of New York Owns and operates a marine based cleaning plant which is designed to efficiently and safely remove all types of petroleum products, water and mixtures of both. Our trained & experienced staff along with a large assortment of equipment is geared to handle any size job ranging from tug boat fuel/lube tanks; bilges and cargo tanks to small voids and double bottoms.

Whether your vessel requires cleaning for shipyard, routine maintenance or change of cargo, our cleaning plant will get the job done. Light oils to No. 6 oil, Clean Water can clean and gas free your vessel. To assist with these activities, the facility is equipped with an ABS inspected steam boiler.

Water & Solids Disposal Services

Barge Ops

Ballasts, slops or water mixtures can be disposed of at our state of the art NYSDEC permitted treatment plant. Oily debris, tank bottoms and spend absorbent are sent for incineration or landfill to ensure environmentally sound disposal.

Land Services

Wastewater Processing

We are approved to properly accept and manage oily water, used oil and oily debris by the NYSDEC & the USCG. We are also an authorized MARPOL reception facility and perform marine vessel tank and bilge cleaning serviced. We have over 5,000,000 gallons of capacity and can process 250 gallons of wastewater per minute.

Oil Recycling

Clean Water accepts oil that meets the standards of the USEPA and the NYSDEC. The oil is brought to us by tank truck, tank barge or nearby rail and is processed and recycled for industrial use as a blend stock. Market based prices are paid for used and virgin oils streams depending on type, quality and quantity.

Vacuum & Box Trucks

Clean Water owns and operates a fleet of vacuum tankers, pump and box trucks. All vehicles are permitted to operate in NY, NJ, PA, CT, NH, DE, MD & VA and can haul both Non-Hazardous & Hazardous waste materials. Our fleet enables us to provide value added services for efficient removal of liquid product and impacted streams from extraction wells, trenches, excavations resulting from compromised underground storage tanks (USTs), leaking pipelines and other sources of subsurface contamination.

Drum Disposal

We can manage drum removal projects of any size, from one drum to a trailer load. Oil and water streams are managed at Clean Water’s facility and solids are consolidated for offsite disposal.